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Party Perks STL
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Serving the Greater St. Louis, MO Area

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Take your event to the next level with our Exceptional Balloon Decor

When you want the best balloons in St. Louis you want Party Perks! Our Balloon Artists have been proudly decorating the Greater St. Louis, MO area since 2014.

Boost Your Events with Our Exceptional Balloon Decor in Saint Louis, MO!

At Party Perks STL, we provide top-tier event balloons in St. Louis, MO, that uniquely charm any occasion. Our balloon centerpieces and other balloon decor are meticulously designed to complement your event theme and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

We create everything from classic spiral balloon arches and helium bouquets, and gorgeous bubbly Organic balloon garlands to completely custom balloon designs for corporate events, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Bridal decor, baby showers, and so much more! Balloon Columns, Arches, and Balloon Drops are popular for Schools and Universities to create school spirit and add a pop of fun!

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The Magic of Balloons with Party Perks STL

We’re not just about balloons; we’re about creating memorable experiences. As a premier balloon artist, we craft stunning balloon arches, delightful balloon bouquets, and creative balloon arrangements that will leave your guests in awe.

Experience the magical transformation of your events with our balloon decor in St. Louis, MO. Call Party Perks STL at 314-265-0935 for more information!

Why choose Party Perks to be YOUR Balloon Professional?


We have almost two decades of experience in all things balloon. We continuously invest in balloon education to keep up with new trends and techniques. Our Lead creative is hired all over the country by other balloon companies for special installs and balloon projects. There is nothing we couldn’t make out of balloons!


Our Balloons are completely customizable to fit YOUR colors, YOUR themes, and YOUR vision!

We can create anything from fun spiral balloon arches and helium balloon centerpieces to elaborate custom balloon designs made just for you- we got you covered.
WOW Factor

It is our job to make YOU look amazing! We want you and your guests to have the perfect photo opps and look back fondly for years on the memories made together.


Let us take the stress of decorating off your shoulders. We deliver, install, and strike (when necessary) and you get to receive all the compliments for your amazing balloons!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the Balloons Last?

There are a few factors that will effect the longevity of your balloons. The type of balloons, quality of product, the location, direct sunlight, and climate control all have an effect on your balloons. What they are inflated with also matters. Helium doesn’t last as long as air filled. Latex balloons start to breakdown pretty quickly in direct sunlight and The St. Louis heat. If your balloons are indoors in a climate controlled environment away from direct sunlight they should last a few weeks.

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How long does it take to build?

Preparation for a project varies depending on the size of the installation. The bigger the display the longer it will take for set up. We’ll give you all the information when you book with us!

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How much does a standard Arch Cost?

Our Classic Decor balloon arches (pictured left) start at $200 + delivery and strike fees. Organic Arches start at $25 per linear foot + delivery and strike fees.

Check out our more of our Standard Balloon Arch Pricing below.

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What is an Organic Arch?

Organic is the name of the style of Balloon Decor that looks bubbly and whimsical and none of the balloons are the same size (pictured right). Organic can be unstructured garlands or put on framework.

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What is the difference between an arch and a garland?

An Arch has framework, A Balloon Arch is free standing.  The arch has base plates, poles, and added weights when necessary that require a delivery fee and a strike fee to come collect all the structural materials.

A Garland has no inner framework and is attched to the building or structures that are already there.  (pictured left)  It is not free standing.  It most likely will require an install fee.  It does not require us to collect any structural materials.  You can save yourself a strike fee if you would like to do the clean up. Start Quote