• 1 hour of balloons
  • 1 hour of face paint
  • Special Premade Balloon Birthday cupcake
  • Best for up to 15 kids
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  • 1.5 5 hours of balloons
  • 1.5 hours of face paint
  • Special Premade Balloon Birthday Cupcake
  • 20ft Linked arch
  • 4 balloon bouquet table centerpieces
  • Best for up to 20 kids
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One (or more) of our Balloon Artists is set up at a table and a line is formed. The guests get to choose from a small list in order to take care of as many guests as possible. This is the standard wait in line to get a balloon practice. Pricing is per hour per artist. Call now to get your own Party Perks Balloon Artist!

Balloon Auction

A balloon artist will have premade balloons to be “auctioned off” to the kids. These will be larger more intricate balloons. This is an interactive game where the kids get to barter good deeds to “win” the balloon. For example: “We will begin the bidding at one time clearing all the dishes off the table after dinner. Do I have two times? How about 10?… etc.” Premade balloon preferences can be requested. This becomes a fun interactive way for all the guests to be involved with the balloons, even if everyone doesn’t get one. Pricing based on how many balloons requested. Call now to book your own Balloon Auction!

Balloon Mini Games

This is the premium of the line work packages. While each balloon is being made there will be a series of mini games for the guests to play to win the next balloon. Each mini game lasts 3-5 minutes. This is a great way to involve everyone waiting for a balloon. This is the most interactive of the line work packages. At the end of the event when time has run out, there will be a bag of premade simple balloons to hand out to those who did not win any of the games. Pricing varies on how long you want the mini games to last and how many premade balloons requested. Call now to book your own Balloon Mini Games!