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GOT Balloons

GOT Balloons Favorite Installs Series: 1 I absolutely LOVE my job!!  I get to create the coolest things with balloons!  It can be challenging but it’s oh, so rewarding!  I am eternally grateful to be a part of so many amazing Large Balloon Builds.  Today I am honoring one of my favorite installs of all…
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Balloon Costumes

Balloon Costumes Balloon Costumes are fabulous for Parties, Parades, and Branding! We can make ANYTHING out of balloons!  That means we can turn YOU into anythings!  Do you want to be an adorable little cupcake, a tiger, an eagle?  Yes, we can make a fun wearable balloon costume of anything you can dream of! I…
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One Million Bubbles

One Million Bubbles Nothing brings smiles to peoples faces quite like balloons do! One Million Bubbles (OMB) originated during the heart of Covid to share light and love.  It is a campaign of kindness from Balloon Decorators, Balloon Entertainers, and all Balloon Artists world wide.  We were called to make a Balloon Display to spread…
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Where do Latex Balloons Come from?

Where do Latex Balloons Come from? Did you know latex balloons come from trees?  That’s right!   They grow on trees, well… from the goo tapped out of the rubber tree.  Specifically, from the Hevea tree. Rubber plantations are found in Brazil, Malaysia and Africa.  With the majority of the world’s latex coming from Malaysia…
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What is a Deco-Twister?

What in the world is a Deco-Twister? I am a Deco-Twister who is fortunate enough to do cool balloons not only here in St. Louis, but also all over the country! What is a Deco-Twister you ask?  Well, that means I have a solid background as a Balloon Twister before becoming a Balloon Decorator.  To…
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Twister or Decorator?

Help, I need Balloons!   Do you know the difference between a Balloon Decorator and a Balloon Twister? We at Party Perks specialize in both!  So, when looking for balloons do you know what kind of Balloon Artist you need? So, what is a Balloon Decorator? A Balloon Decorator creates fun, beautiful space transforming Decorations out…
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What is a Certified Balloon Artist?

What is a Certified Balloon Artist? Yes, we have Balloon Certifications, who knew?! A Certified Balloon Artist (CBA for short), is a professional Balloon Artist who passed a series of classes and final practicum in front of a panel of Qualatex judges. These courses include Balloon Theory Design Equipment Safety Customer Service Pricing for Profit…
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Balloon Flower Bouquet

Have her jumping for joy this Valentines Day!!! $99 + Delivery Now taking Orders for the Greater St. Louis area Contact Us  

Hanging With the Big Dogs

I love collaboration! When we work together and each bring our own strengths to a project we can tackle any Balloon Install, and the challenges that come with each unique build. IN 2022 I had the priveledge of flying up to Buffalo, NY and working with the incredible Chris and Marlene Pott’s, owners of Balloon…
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