Twister or Decorator?

Twister or Decorator?

St Louis Balloon Decorator - hire a balloon artist stl

Help, I need Balloons!


Do you know the difference between a Balloon Decorator and a Balloon Twister?

Balloon Decor - Space Ship Balloon Frame

Balloon Decor – Space Ship – Balloon Frame

We at Party Perks specialize in both!  So, when looking for balloons do you know what kind of Balloon Artist you need?

So, what is a Balloon Decorator?

A Balloon Decorator creates fun, beautiful space transforming Decorations out of Balloons.  Traditionally, a decorator made balloon columns, balloon arches, and helium filled bouquets.  This is what is considered Classic Decor

St Louis Balloon Decorator - Balloon Arch

St Louis Balloon Decorator – Balloon Arch

Modern Balloon Decor is fully customizable with large Organic Balloon Swags, Balloon Walls, and Custom Sculptures.  It is incredible what balloons can do to any space.   We love creating truly awe inspiring displays!  A Balloon Decorator makes large displays and they are delivered and installed before your event.  Decorators do not entertain your guests, they transform your space.  Check out our Custom Balloon Decor and Organic Decor Galleries for the trendy Balloon Decorations.

Balloon Decor Beach Wall

Balloon Decor – Wall – Beach Party

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So, what is a Balloon Twister?

St. Louis Balloon Artist makes Balloon Bowser

St. Louis Balloon Twister makes Balloon Bowser

A Balloon Twister is the Artist/Entertainer you may hire for your child’s Birthday party or see them at company picnics and fairs etc.   We usually have one of the longest lines at the fair!


St Louis Balloon Twister

STL Balloon Twister

A Balloon Twister will make a variety of balloon animals/sculptures right in front of you.  They will either have a list of what they can make or take any requests.  Also, you get to take the freshly made custom balloon home with you.  A Balloon Twister is a professional Balloon Artist who gets paid hourly.

STL Balloon Twister

STL Balloon Twister

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